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10. As you get to know members you can feel better about yourself with the knowledge that you are not the most insane person out there.

9. You can get to know people from all over the world.

8. You can participate in contests we have for our members and maybe even win your own drool bucket!

7. You can gush about the angel of death with out people thinking you're troubled.

6. Once joining us you can move into Dyeland and get your own castle! Okay, so maybe it's just virtual but when that big lottery win comes we're getting an island, people!!

5. Because sometimes it just helps to have another John Dye fan to talk to, laugh with, and cry with. 

4. This group is Doc Hock recommended and Bill Morgan approved!

3. TBAA may no longer be in production but that hasn't stopped Andrew from being our special guest correspondent!

2. We operate both a newsletter and a Yahoogroup for those wishing to be more involved.

1. I've been with this group since day one and I've had the time of my life. Great people to swoon over John Dye with, remember him with, celebrate his life with, get advice from, and just have a blast with!